London done!

Sorry for the lack of blogging today, being back on English soil unfortunately means poor Internet signal. An eventful day today it has to be said. George and Alex have done a great job of injecting some excitement into the group by managing to pass haribo’s through the windows if the car whilst travelling at 23mph. George’s driving has certainly been questioned multiple times today though!
Tim had a moment of road rage as a Londoner cut him up in a very big way – shame he couldn’t quite keep up with the car to give him a full piece of his mind!
And watch out for some photos of the group on the Internet as a stranger wished them all good luck for the olympics!
Big question for tomorrow – will Pinch manage to get through a single day without getting lost?!…

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One Response to London done!

  1. Gerald and Betty Waterfield says:

    Come on Cola Just another push.

    Think of all those properties that need selling. Or should we not remind you

    Cushions will be available if wanted in your office

    You have all done extremely well , not forgetting your remarkable support team and

    the support of families and friends

    Best wishes to you all

    Gerald and Betty Waterfield